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Dark Fine Bark

Our Dark Fine bark is aged over several years giving it that rich, dark chocolate color. We then screen it at 1/2" minus for a consistent size and texture. This bark provides a fantastic contrast to your lawn and plants, which gives your bed the look of rich natural soil.

Fresh Fine Bark

Our Fresh Fine bark is screened at 1/2" minus with a vibrant reddish-tan color giving it that manicured look. Depending on the season the color may deepen. It provides a wonderful fresh new look to your home and landscaping and smells great too!

Rustic Medium Bark

Our Rustic medium bark is screened and sized at 1 1/2" minus. This is a chipped, shredded bark with that beautiful reddish brown color. It gives your landscaping a more naturally rustic look. Excellent all around mulch, it holds great on hillsides and handles Mother Nature well.

Dark Rustic Medium Bark

Our Dark Rustic medium bark is screened and sized at 1 1/2" minus. The Dark Rustic Medium gives you the benefits of the Rustic Medium but with the rich color of our Dark Fine Bark.

Rustic Large Bark

Currently Out of Stock. Please check back.

The Rustic Large has the same characteristics as the Rustic Medium, it is just larger; however, due to the size this product is not available for blowing.

Certified Playground Chips

The engineered wood-fiber playground chips are made from virgin wood, never from used pallets or construction debris. ADA-compliant and helps reduce risk management for homes, schools, daycare facilities, and parks. Outstanding alternative to gravel or sand in swing set and play areas.