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Ultra Fine Soil Builder

Soil improvement is a continual process. It takes many years to build a productive garden soil. If a soil has too much sand or too much clay the solution to both is the same — to add organic material. Routine applications of organic matter should be considered an essential component of gardening and soil management. Organic matter improves the water and nutrient holding capacity of coarse-textured sandy soil. In a fine-textured clayey soil, the organic matter glues the tiny clay particles into larger chunks or aggregates creating large pore space. This improves water infiltration and drainage, air infiltration (often the most limiting aspect of plant growth), and allows for deeper rooting depths (allowing the plant to tap a larger supply of water and nutrients. 

Our organic soil amendment starts from bark fines aged over several years causing it to decompose which breaks it down giving it that rich dark color. We then run it through a ¼” screening process resulting in an outstanding addition to any soil.

Soil Uses

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Benefits of Ultra Fine Soil Builder

At typical mineral soil amending rates (25%-50% by volume screened bark), the substantial input of organic matter will result in improved soil texture, soil structure, nutrient retention and carbon that will support increased populations of beneficial soil microorganisms.

It provides an ongoing supply of water to plants between periods of replenishment, so as to allow their continued growth and survival.

A soil with good tilth has large pore spaces for adequate air infiltration and water movement (roots only grow where the soil tilth allows for adequate levels of soil oxygen). It also holds a reasonable supply of water and nutrients.

Application of Ultra Fine Soil Builder

Tilled or mixed into mineral soil, it makes an outstanding soil for new lawns eliminating the need to bring in expensive top soil. This is a great organic addition to planting soils or garden soils such as a 3 way mix.

Mixed with nutrient rich compost, a lite layer makes a great organic top dressing for existing lawns improving the soil quality for a thicker, greener lawn.

Used by itself as mulch, it gives the look of a rich dark soil with the added benefit of weed prevention, extreme temperature insulation and water retention.

BT Soil Builder Green Landscape Compost

Compost works by restoring organic matter to the soil. Organic matter improves soil structure, helping to develop strong, healthy root systems. It protects against water and wind erosion; its dark texture absorbs heat, reducing evaporation, holding moisture and reducing watering. It adds billions of beneficial microbes that feed nutrients to your plants, all while buffering the pH balance of your soil.

Partnered with Barr-Tech Compost/Organics Recycling

Lawn and Garden Soil

We take our organic soil amendment and mix in 33% of Barr-Tech compost which creates a nutrient rich soil that works well to improve soil structure in lawns and makes an outstanding planting soil.


Below is a video showing the application of our Lawn and Garden mix to be either seeded upon or used for a base for sod.

Screened Top Soil

Our 5/8 minus Screened Top Soil is perfect for building up and leveling yards, filling holes and a great base for your garden.

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