More Satisfied Clients

"The guys were absolutely wonderful and did a spectacular job!"
Spokane, WA
"Iʼve been hauling in bark, then taking a couple of weekends to distribute it on my property. Itʼs back-breaking work, and consumes my valuable weekends. You guys were here about an hour, and it looks better than the job I used to do by hand! I figured that the 15-20% more that I paid to have you do it is one of the best investments Iʼve made!"
Spokane, WA
"It was amazing to watch. Alpine barked my front and back yard property in less than an hour. Everything looks fresh and new."
Coeur d' Alene, ID
"Very professional and thorough. These guys are great! I canʼt believe I did this by hand for so many years!"
Spokane, WA
"I love my bark! I can't tell you how many times I go outside and love it, absolutely beautiful, just beautiful. It's miraculous and saved me weeks of hauling."
Spokane, WA