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Pick Up & Delivery

For over 15 years now, Alpine Bark Blowing has been the premier bark blowing company in the Inland Northwest. With that being said, we understand that bark blowing isn‘t the right fit for everyone. It may be due to scheduling or it may be cost; whatever it may be, some just prefer to install bark by hand.


A few years ago, armed with our experience in the bark and mulch industry (and a lot of trial and error), we started developing our own bark products. We set up our processing plant right across from the IFG mill in Moyie Springs Idaho. By doing this, we are able to get the freshest raw bark available on a consistent basis driving us to produce an exceptional product.

Providing Quality Landscaping Materials

Word has spread quickly about the quality of our products prompting us to expand our efforts to include retail and wholesale pick-up and delivery. Our goal is simple, to have the best, most consistent products available on the market at a fair price and help you with your landscaping project.

We offer a large variety of products available for pick up or delivery at our Hauser location: 8512 N Cloverleaf Road, Hauser, Idaho 83854 

Note: Although we have an experienced crew, we will not be held responsible for damage that may result from loading your vehicle with one of our loaders. We also recommend that you bring tarps to secure your loads.

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