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One cubit yard covers:
  • 324 FT2 @ 1 inch depth
  • 162 FT2 @ 2 inch depth
  • 108 FT2 @ 3 inch depth
  • 81 FT2 @ 4 inch depth
  • 54 FT2 @ 6 inch depth
  • Save yourself time and effort.
  • No piles left sitting in your driveway.
  • Gain access to hard to reach areas.
  • Environmentally friendly products.
  • Bark mulch acts as a great natural weed barrier.
  • Retain moisture in the roots of plants in the summer heat and will also help conserve water.
  • Insulate the roots for the winter freezes.
  • Reduce soil loss and movement.
  • Meticulous clean up by our professional crew.
  • No more wasted weekends and evenings shoveling bark.
  • We tread lightly; no damage to your plants or lawn.

On average, 2 to 3 years if you put down at a 2-3 inch depth. Other factors include the slope of the landscape and amount of traffic through the material.

We carry 250 feet of hose on our trucks; however we are able to reach much further than that with some advance notice. Just let us know the distance you will need.

Three inches of bark gives you the same weed control without the extra effort. Plastic is not recommended because it prevents water from penetrating the ground. It also traps air which can lead to moldy soil. Weed fabric makes it difficult to do more planting and still needs 2-3 inches of bark.

Our exceptional clean up of any over spray is what sets us apart from our competition. Before we leave the job, we insure that everything looks great. The only exception may be from dust sticking to the sidewalks/buildings due to a sprinkler system or rain, in which case we do the best we can with our blowers to clean up. Some additional clean up may be needed with a garden hose.

No, but if you see ants in your newly laid bark, it is because your property already had carpenter ants. These ants eat the white wood of trees, not bark, but they will rest in bark because it is warm. Bark does not attract ants.

In the dryer months, we highly recommend watering your bark. A good soak right after it has been laid is best to cool it off. Bark is a composting product, and it gets very hot. In the summer months, if it is not watered it can singe the edges of your lawn, leaving a yellow ring around your yard. This is not because there are chemicals in the bark but simply because it is hot.

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